Digico SD5 Mixing Console

The SD5 provides up to 253 processing channels at 48kHz/96kHz.

Standard channel processing, whether inputs or outputs, includes Channel Delay, Single and Multi Channel Presets, Dual insert points, Hi- and Lo-pass filters @ 24dB/octave, four-band parametric EQ (eight on the outputs) with band curve selection, Dual insert points, DiGiCo’s DYN 1 (Compressor, De-esser or  Multi Channel Compressor) and DYN 2 (Gate, Compressor or Ducker).

The console also benefits from 253 Dynamic EQ processors, all of which are available on any of the input or output channels. These powerful processors offer dynamic processing on each of the four standard parametric bands, plus there are also 253 Multiband Compressors and 253 DiGiTubes; and no matter how the console is set up, the user won’t lose any resources, as all channels are equipped to provide the same high quality signal path and feature set.

The master section incorporates 32 gangable 32-band graphic EQs, 48 stereo effects (selectable from a palette of 33), and 36 control groups (VCAs); and using snapshots, engineers can now switch between complete configurations in any live environment easier than ever before, be it at rehearsals, during system setup, or even at a show.

Digico SD7 Mixing Console

If it’s everything that you’re after, the SD7 is the console for you. DiGiCo’s flagship model offers mind-blowing I/O capabilities and sets new standards in high-density digital processing via proprietary Stealth mixing and routing engine and game-changing, Super FPGA technology.


Sound Systems

There are few things in life more subjective than the judgment of audio quality. There is no fixed benchmark that can be drawn that applies to every situation. KIAN has chosen to use only those manufactures whose loudspeakers have set, or been proven to exceed, the standards for the industry. KIAN’s main speaker systems are based primarily on 2 product lines.

KiAN Sound’s LEO family expands with the addition of:


A truly multipurpose system, LEOPARD is ideally suited to everything from mid-sized touring and live theatre to worship and live performance installations, and from symphony music to heavy metal.



The 900‑LFC brings the low-end control and impact of its larger sibling, 1100‑LFC, to a compact package. For all projects including those with limited floor space, you no longer have to settle for “good enough.”


MEYER SOUND LEO-M Line Array Loudspeaker

LEO represents the culmination of over 35 years of research into linear system technology, and the result is a sound reinforcement system with a tremendous amount of headroom and exceptional fidelity for large-scale live events.

MEYER SOUND 1100-LFC Low frequency Element

The 1100-LFC low-frequency control element is a self-powered loudspeaker defined by its sonic linearity in reproducing low-frequency transients at high, continuous levels with very low distortion. This ultralow distortion, coupled with exceptional headroom and optimized rigging options, makes the 1100-LFC a flexible tool for low-end directional applications for large-scale tours and installations.

Meyer Sound MILO

The MILO high-power curvilinear array is remarkably compact and lightweight for a self-contained, four-way system — particularly considering that it delivers 140 dB SPL peak output with exceptionally flat phase and frequency response. MILO is able to reproduce delicate transients with extraordinary resolution, even in very-long-throw applications, thanks to its three dedicated, very-high frequency transducers, which extend MILO’s operating range to 18 kHz and increase available high frequency headroom.

Meyer Sound MiNA Compact Line Array Loudspeaker

MINA, the newest and smallest member of the MILO family. Just over a foot and a half long and weighing only 41.2 lbs yet capable of producing up to 128 dB SPL over its wide 100-degree horizontal coverage area, MINA will find a place in a variety of applications. Its small footprint makes it an ideal curvilinear array system for low-profile, high-fidelity sound reinforcement, as well as frontfill and under-balcony applications. Installations and theatre tours, where size is a concern, can pose tough challenges to attaining excellent coverage, but MINA rises to the challenge easily.

Meyer Sound MICA

The MICA compact high-powered curvilinear array loudspeaker is the mid-sized member of the acclaimed MILO family of loudspeakers. MICA brings the very high output and smooth, extended high-frequency response that is the MILO family’s sonic signature to a smaller package with broad 100-degree horizontal coverage. This makes MICA ideal for applications that do not require quite as much power and throw distance as MILO or where weight and size are a concern. MICA is suited to a wide variety of applications such as touring, rental, and fixed installation, and its sonic compatibility with MILO makes it an excellent component in a MILO family system.

Meyer Sound M’ELODIE

Sometimes, big things come in small packages. The M’elodie ultracompact high-power curvilinear array loudspeaker is a good example. M’elodie is Meyer Sound’s newest generation of a strong family line: the celebrated M Series. M’elodie brings the sonic signature and easy to use rigging of the MILO family of loudspeakers, along with an extraordinary power-to-size ratio to a package smaller than the company’s MICA compact high-power curvilinear array loudspeaker. As a result, M’elodie is compact enough for small theatres, ballrooms and clubs, as well as being an outstanding performer in theatrical productions and corporate AV applications.

Meyer Sound 700-HP

The Meyer Sound 700-HP ultrahigh-power subwoofer sets a new standard for the power-to-size equation. The 700-HP’s power and bandwidth handle high continuous operating levels and extreme transient information with minimal distortion in its operating frequency range. The operating frequency range of 28 Hz to 150 Hz complements other Meyer Sound loudspeakers and line and curvilinear arrays in sound reinforcement applications requiring maximum headroom at the low end of the frequency spectrum.

Meyer Sound GALILEO 616

The Galileo loudspeaker management system is a hardware/ software system providing all of the facilities required to drive and align sound reinforcement systems employing multiple zones. The system consists of the Galileo 616/616 AES, a six-input/16- output, 2U, fully digital matrix processor and Compass software for comprehensive control of the Galileo 616/616 AES through a graphical environment running on a remote computer. Galileo 616/616AES can also be controlled directly from its front panel for maximum flexibility.

Meyer Sound CALLISTO 616

The Galileo Callisto 616 array processor is an elegant hardware and software solution for driving and aligning Meyer Sound loudspeaker array systems. The 2-space, rack-mount Callisto 616 includes six inputs, 16 outputs, and a fully digital matrix processor. The accompanying Compass control software provides comprehensive control of all parameters from a Mac or Windows-based computer.

Designed as the perfect complement to Meyer Sound’s M Series and LEO-M arrays, the Callisto 616 features delay integration for aligning loudspeaker arrays, user defined shaping filters, and simultaneous low- and high-pass filters for subwoofer control.

Meyer Sound MJF-212A

The Meyer Sound MJF-212A is a self-powered stage monitor loudspeaker designed to meet critical requirements in professional applications. Exhibiting flat amplitude and phase responses, full-range bandwidth, and exceptional impulse response, the MJF-212A far exceeds the capabilities of conventional stage monitors while offering the simplicity of setup and operation provided by self-powered systems.

Meyer Sound SIM 3

Built on almost 20 years of research and development, ongoing worldwide field testing and award-winning, breakthrough technology, the SIM 3 audio analyzer system is the newest generation of acoustical audio analysis in an integrated hardware and software package. In the field or on the bench, the SIM 3 system analyzes entire sound systems as easily as it verifies the performance of individual electronic components.

Meyer Sound Legacy Systems

• MSL-5
• MSL-6
• MSL-3
• UPA-1C
• DS-2
• 650 SUB
• LD-1 line Driver
• CP-10 Parametric Equalizer

L’Acoustics V-Dosc

• Legendary sonic performance, clarity, precision and radiation characteristics
• Exceptional level of rider-friendliness for touring and installation projects
• Ergonomic and fast rigging system for quick set-up


L’Acoustics dV-Dosc

Inspired by the legendary V-DOSC®, dV-DOSC has set a reference in line source technology for both the fixed installation and rental production markets. The modular package features the dV-DOSC lightweight and compact enclosure derived from the HF/MF V-DOSC® section, and the complementary dV-SUB high power, compact LF extension.

As a standalone system, dV-DOSC complies with rigging and visual limitations in theatres, concert halls, convention centers and sport facilities. dV-DOSC delivers a flat contour, clarity, precision and intelligibility for vocal material and lead instruments with a unique near-field perception, offering an incomparable listening experience.

L-Acoustics dV-Subwoofer


VENUE live sound systems

VENUE live sound systems are comprised of high-quality components that work together to deliver studio-grade sound, powerful performance, and complete ease of use, with maximum flexibility. The VENUE Profile System is based around the VENUE Profile console and employs a VENUE FOH Rack and Stage Rack processing and I/O system. This system offers great I/O expandability and a compact console, providing maximum power in a smaller footprint.

Mobile Production Package

By eliminating the need to coordinate all of the various technical show elements and their suppliers, the KIAN Production Package is a cost effective alternative to traditional piece-by-piece contracting. Precious production management time is saved, technical compatibility and continuity are ensured and labour costs are reduced significantly.

With more than 32 years of touring experience in the entertainment industry, the Kian Group can provide you with a truly memorable event experience.


We have available to our clients mobility options to get production up and running on time for extended tour runs. Call for availability and pricing.

Peterbilt tractor with 48′ Great Dane trailer.

Other transportation services available upon request.